Largest Bird Debate Is Put To Nest

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Paris (AFP) – After more than a century of conflicting evidence, Anglo-French animosity and a H.G. Wells novella involving murder most fowl, scientists said Wednesday they have finally solved the riddle of the world’s largest bird. For 60 million years the colossal, flightless elephant bird — Aepyornis maximus — stalked the savannah and rainforests of Madagascar until it was hunted … Read More

Invasion of the Macaws

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There are few places as chaotic or dangerous as Venezuela. “Life in Caracas” is a series of short stories that seeks to capture the surreal quality of living in a land in total disarray. The macaw, a big, brilliantly colored and scandalously loud species of parrot, is definitely not indigenous to Caracas. And yet the bird now seems to be … Read More

Can Hemp Help Screaming, Feather Plucking, Health in Birds?

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Aggressive behavior and feather plucking in birds is a major health concern and often the byproduct of one or more health issues. While few products on the market have shown to counteract the myriad of reasons for this condition, cannabinoids (CBD) and the fatty acids contained within the hemp plant could provide the most protection for birds. Omega fatty acids, … Read More